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Guide to Choosing The Perfect Diamond Ring

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Guide to Choosing The Perfect Diamond Ring

This infographic briefly tells you everything you need to know to buy the perfect diamond ring. Save it to your phone or computer for future reference, as the purchase of a diamond is not something to be taken lightly. The right choice will bring tears to her eyes while the wrong one, well, let’s not even think about that, since you have this guide to help you.

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What is a Diamond Certificate and what does in contain?

Posted in: Diamond Education, Engagement Rings

A Diamond Certificate is a “blueprint” of “fingerprint” of a diamond,
it provides all details about the diamond you are purchasing. No two
diamonds have the same characteristics. This certificate is an
independent evaluation by a third party.

A Diamond Certificate contains the following information about the Diamond:

1) Certification Body

2) Shape of Diamond

3) Date of Issue

4) Dimensions of the Stone in mm

5) Carat Weight

6) Colour Grade

7) Clarity  Grade

8) Cut Grade

9) Fluorescence

10) Polish & Symmetry Grades

Diamond CertificateThere are several Certification Bodies, GIA, HRD, IGI, EGL, AGS, DGL,
etc. All bodies have different grading standards and prices can vary
depending on who certifies.

Bear in mind that an appraisal is completely different from a
certificate. If there is a monetary value on the report, this is an
appraisal and not a certificate. An appraisal is not independent
unless it is carried out by an independent valuation company.

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Bride-to-be Karen shows off sparkler as she plans glam wedding in Italy

Posted in: Engagement Rings

TV3 star Karen Koster ‘xposed’ her engagement ring after finally getting her new sparkler from fiance John McGuire.

And the Diary can exclusively reveal the well-known broadcaster (31) will be walking down the aisle at an intimate ceremony in the gorgeous island of Sicily next June — and has her dream wedding dress picked out already.

Yet one big tick off her ‘to do’ list was no doubt finding her perfect ring in the wake of the proposal from the former I’m An Adult…Get Me Out Of Here presenter last July.

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Shining up that knee for Valentine’s Day? Here’s some practical advice on getting the right ring from Voltaire Diamonds

Posted in: Diamond Education, Engagement Rings, Jewellery Tips

Are you planning to get down on one knee for someone special this Valentine’s Day? If so, you better check out this helpful ring advice from the lads at Voltaire Diamonds before it’s too late…

For any of you romantics who are considering a traditional proposal with the “Real Deal” (and not some cheap stand-in ring you made from tinfoil), here are Voltaire Diamonds top tips to ensure you purchase your loved one the engagement ring of her dreams, and not something that will give her second thoughts.

engagement ring advice

Top Tips:

1) Listen carefully to any hints she may pass your way! Does she comment on any of her friend’s rings? Does she pass any comments at jewellery shop windows? If so, take note. You’re better off getting something you know she already likes rather than taking a shot in the dark.

2) Observe the style of jewellery she currently wears. Is it vintage or contemporary? Is it chunky or more delicate? This will narrow your search for the perfect ring.

3) What colour of metal does she tend to wear? Is it more white gold/silver or does she like yellow gold? Check the metal on her watch, if she wears one that is…

4) Take pictures of her existing rings and bring them into your consultation with lads from Voltaire Diamonds. They are the experts after all and they’ll be able to guide you towards ‘the one ring’.

5) To get her finger size, draw an outline of the inner band of a ring she currently wears on a piece of paper. Try and do this with a ring that has a similar width to an engagement ring (i.e. 2-3mm wide). Make sure she wears the ring on the ring finger of her right or left hand and not the middle or index fingers. If you cannot get size, don’t worry, the lads at Voltaire Diamonds will make an educated guess and they can resize it the next day.

Voltaire Diamonds specialise in engagement and wedding rings and they meet all clients privately in their offices on Harcourt Street in Dublin. They always offer a relaxed atmosphere and you can choose from over 300 styles. By eliminating the overheads of a jewellery shop their prices will not be beaten.

If, for any reason, your partner does not like the style you select, Voltaire Diamonds offer a full refund, or she can choose from their entire range of styles. So it’s a win win (and if she says yes it’s a triple win) situation.

Don’t forget to check out the Voltaire Diamonds website at for the full range of rocks available this Valentine’s Day… Good luck!

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Why 25% of my sales come from Facebook marketing

Posted in: Diamond Education, Engagement Rings, Jewellery Tips
Why 25% of my sales come from Facebook marketing

Voltaire Diamonds’ founder Seamus Fahy reveals how clever use of Facebook’s business services has boosted his company’s revenues

“About 25% of our sales come from Facebook,” says Seamus Fahy, founder of Dublin-based jewellery company Voltaire Diamonds, which specialises in engagement rings. “In that respect it’s our second most important channel.”

“It’s interesting the primary channel is not search but another form of social media in the shape of wedding-oriented forums. YouTube and search engines are also important sources of new customers.”

Rather than selling through a shop, the company keeps costs (and ultimately prices) down by arranging face-to-face meetings with potential customers at its offices in Dublin and London, where it targets young Irish couples based in England. Without a shop to showcase its product, Voltaire’s marketing is focused online, and Facebook is a key point of contact.

Mix paid-for and free services

Voltaire currently has around 25,000 ‘fans’ liking its Facebook page and Fahy uses paid and unpaid promotional tactics to get his message across. Since combining the approaches in the past two years, Fahy says he’s noted significantly higher distribution and reach in terms of direct enquiries.

Create a content strategy

A key tactic is the regular posting of high resolution images of rings, augmented by videos and always accompanied by a call to action. “We always ask people what they think,” he says. “This increases engagement. I’ve developed the content strategy by trial and error, experimenting to see what works.” Having fine-tuned the approach, Fahy estimates that the company spends around 30 minutes a day posting and responding and adds a new piece of content around four times a week.

Target your key customer segment

By providing high quality content, Fahy has increased the reach messaging. “Very often people will see an image and click like – so it goes viral.” But it’s his approach to Facebook’s paid-for services that have enabled him to target his ideal customer. Ads have enabled him to build his followers in what he sees as the key demographic of 26-34 year-old women, the age when people tend to get engaged, he says. He says the demographic accounts for around 95% of his hits.

“I tried Google, but people weren’t clicking on the sponsored links and we’re high as an organic result on search pages anyway. I also tried LinkedIn, but didn’t see the value as I couldn’t target the right demographic. A lot of people say on Facebook when they’re getting engaged and change their status. When I pay for a Sponsored Story ad, for €100 we get 60 new fans, plus 60 that look at it, but don’t click ‘like’.”

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